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Make your website work for your business

Businesses have been misled into thinking that their website should only be used to inform the public, but we believe that your website should work for your business by interacting and engaging with your customers.

Your customers should be able to buy your products from your website. If you run a service by appointment, your customers should be able to make appointments online. Your business website should be an asset for your business.

Typically to add business components like these to your website, it requires web programming to accomplish. Simple things such as integrating mobile marketing can cost hundreds of dollars in labor. Website owners typically spend up to thousands of dollars for very simple site elements to be built, such as a customer database, referral program, or a photo album to show their customers pictures.

We like to make life easier and all these types of components are available to our clients. You can fully utilize components that cost thousands of dollars to build, at absolutely no cost. And we are constantly building and making available new components that will make your website work for your business.


Easy To Use

Lets say you want to add the ability to accept, view and print job applications online for your business. Our point and click system has you taken care of in minutes!


Select The Componet You Wish To Add.
The component automatically builds the page on your website.
You can now accept job applications from your website!



Our Business Components

Numerous business components are available and fully integrated without the need to hire a programmer or designer. This provides a value to our clients that otherwise could never be obtained through traditional web design. No custom programming required! No extra cost!

  • Online Store Supporting Paypal
  • Product & Service Catalogues
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Appointment Manager
  • Live Journal & Blog
  • Map & Direction Page
  • Image Gallery
  • Testimonials
  • Job Application
  • Contact Forms
  • Video Display (YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion and more)
  • ...and the list keeps growing!

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