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Dedicated Quality Support

eMarketTeam offers real support that is guaranteed to provide you with the highest standards in quality service without delays and at no additional cost. Our competitors offer support but unfortunately for their customers, it is virtually useless. eMarketTeam customers deal with the same team any time they have problems that need our attention. You will have your own team in order to build relationships and understanding between you and our techs.



Experience Having A Full Staff To Assist You

Our team consists of experienced designers, programmers, graphic artists and Internet marketers who are experts in their fields and can quickly and effectively provide the right solutions for your concerns and problems. Our Team have cutting-edge expertise and first-hand knowledge of your business needs, a combination that enables them to do everything: build logos and pages, write copy, integrate mobile marketing, build splash graphics for the homepage, set up your social marketing and advise you in any other aspect to allow you to get the most out of your eMarketTeam website.

Personalized Support: No Low-Cost Outsourcing

You will enjoy the benefit of having as your advisors - USA based technicians who speak fluent English. In addition to working with the same team, you will be assigned an Account Representative. This individual has the responsibility of seeing to it that all of your needs and requirements are tended to in a prompt and proficient manner. With this approach, when you call in, you will talk to a friend and associate rather than "some guy" who has to figure out who you are. This process makes things go very smoothly and you will appreciate the attention you'll receive from us and our continuous dedication.

No Hidden Costs

Many of the hidden costs in technology are in breakdowns, and the more complex a technology is the more things there are that can go wrong. Such breakdowns are one of the biggest money-makers for a large segment of the web design industry. When malfunctions occur that require tech support and are not the fault of their technicians, most web companies bill the customers for the fix. The going rate for these tech solutions is $20 to $60 an hour. The time required to fix the problem can be lengthy and unfortunately the issue may be a recurring one that will require more costly fixes in the future.

eMarketTeam takes a different approach to the problem of breakdowns. Our technology is professionally built and maintained on a daily basis. Our staff and programmers stand behind the functionality and strength of the technology and the network. eMarketTeam WILL NEVER charge a client for a malfunction. Our full-time staff, headed by your dedicated Account Rep, ensures that problems are fixed in an expeditious manner. This benefit which is built into the cost of each website saves you literally thousands of dollars each year in both downtime and unexpected charges.

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