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Mobile Marketing

With over 5 billion cell phones on the planet, it makes sense to utilize them for marketing. SMS Marketing is basically sending your customers a text message on their cell phone.

Example Scenario: You're the owner of a pizza shop. It's a Tuesday afternoon and you have a full staff and absolutely no orders. Knowing that you're losing money, you quickly login to your control panel and send out an "SMS" text message. You type up a 35% Off Offer and send it out to 3,500 of your best customers in the area. In their homes and offices, all of your customers instantly receive an offer from your pizza shop, and hundreds of them are hungry and were already thinking about dinner. Within minutes you start to receive delivery orders, walk-ins, and turn the slowest night of the week into your most profitable.

This scenario illustrates the power of mobile marketing, and something that our customers do on a daily basis. Since mobile marketing has a 95% readership rate, your coupons and promotions instantly reach your customer base and you enjoy instant results that yield profits.


Mobile Marketing at No Extra Cost

Mobile marketing is the new craze, and it's expensive. The industry "standard" cost of sending an SMS text message is 4 cents if purchased in bulk. This means that if you want to send a coupon to 1000 of your customers you will have to pay $40 USD. To this high cost you also have to add the complexity of sending a basic message. All this hassle has made businesses not utilize mobile marketing. 

We have integrated mobile marketing into our service, giving you the power to take advantage of this marketing medium, and all of this at NO EXTRA COST!


Deliver Coupons & Promotions Easily

You will be able to easily deliver your coupons or promotions to all your customers from within your website's control panel. All you have to do is compose your SMS message, click "Send" and we will deliver your SMS message to your hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers!


Get Suscribers

We also take further steps and provide each of our clients printed signup forms designed specifically to accommodate their needs. Because of this they are able to get involved in mobile marketing right away and fully utilize its benefits.

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