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Why should you build your business website with eMarketTeam?

According to research done by Webvisible and Nielsen, 63% of consumers and small business owners go to the internet first to find out information about local businesses. 82% of them choose to go to the search engines to do this. In spite of this high number only 44% of small businesses currently have a website.

A lot of small business owners don't know where to begin with their website, so they rely heavily on the opinions of website designers. Unfortunately this can sometimes lead to problems since website designers by definition are computer-geeks and while they may be great at creating appealing visuals, they are not marketing professionals.

At eMarketTeam, we are targeted towards business websites and marketing. We have put all our expertise in a single product that will attract more customers into your business, which results in an increase in your sales. We have a single goal in mind. We want to make sure your website brings you the highest Return On Investment.

We have all the tools and knowledge to take your business to the next level.
  • Point And Click Builder

    Our innovative technology will provide you a point and click website builder which gives you the ability to fully edit and modify your website as you see fit! Read more

  • Premium Themes

    Our themes are designed to make your website look artistic and beautiful and still reflect your business identity. Read more

  • Business Components

    You will have full access to our amazing range of business components that will allow you to maximize your business website and increase your business productivity. Read more

  • Mobile Marketing

    Send promotions and coupons to all your registered customers directly at their mobile phone. No extra cost Read more

  • Social Marketing

    Reach out to your customers for referrals and word of mouth marketing with our easy to use integrated social tools. Read more

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We make it simple, you don't have to do a thing - we'll make sure your business appears on the search engines. Read more

  • Email Marketing

    You can quickly track & email your customers and best of all there is never a 'pay-per-email' cost with our service, it's all included. Read more

  • Dedicated Quality Support

    Experience having a full staff ready to assist you. Experienced designers, programmers, graphic artists and internet gurus at your disposal with no extra cost. Read more

  • Track Results & Stats

    You will find it easy to see what works or not on your website, who is visiting, what increases sales, everything in an easy to understand way. Read more

  • Network Stability

    We will handle all the tech stuff, we monitor our servers and we'll make sure you have an uptime of 99.9% so your website is alway available for your customers. Read more



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