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Let's face it, business is social. No longer is there a division between business and consumer. The relationship is fused and mutually dependent. Understanding how to effectively insert your brand into the social communities where your customers and prospects live and communicate is key.

With 800 million active users and counting, Facebook is more than just a consumer social network.These users also represent your customer base or potential prospects. eMarketTeam will manage all your social marketing needs and connect you with your most valued consumers, maximizing customer engagement, turning social media into social business.

  • Reach out to your customers for referrals and word of mouth marketing
  • Share special offers, coupons, and news about your website and business instantly
  • Spread the word of your business in your area through your customer's friends and family
  • Transform ideas into innovation by collecting intelligence from the best thought leaders: your customers
  • Increase engagement by providing customers a unique outlet to express their ideas and opinions
  • Maximize your social media presence and value, creating a source of great ideas for your business
  • Differentiate from your competitors by providing a unique way to interact with your customers

Consultation & Advice

Social Marketing expands your business' ability to market its products and services. By being part of the social media network, every marketing campaign produced by your company can be viewed by a larger and ever-growing number of people at no additional cost and effort. Your own site will experience an increase in traffic, including incoming links and search engine traffic. You will build a community that knows no limit, a virtual infinite universe of opportunity and contacts.

We don't expect you to know how to start your business' social marketing, that is why we will help you. We have experience harnessing the power of social media to increase sales and attract customers and we will share it with you.

We will help you take the necessary steps to start your business' social presence, and teach you how you can use that to increase your sales.


Powerful Social Sharing Tools

Our platform will automatically integrate your social marketing into every online action your business takes. If your business initiates a special sale, your entire circle of social media friends will be immediately aware of your offer. Then, just by asking your network to "like" your offer, they will send it on to each of their networks. Each subsequent time your offer is "liked" by a network, the reach of your message increases exponentially. The image of literally thousands and even hundreds of thousands becoming aware of your offer is within the realm of possibility. The power of social networking is beyond dispute.

We will automatically place sharing tools on each page of your website which will allow others to refer your business by word of mouth.

The tools you will have at your disposal from eMarketTeam will provide you with quick access to people and will enable you to grow your brand on a daily, even hourly, basis.

The technology at eMarketTeam is maintained and updated 24/7 to ensure that our client's websites benefit from the most up-to-date tools.

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