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eMarketTeam has spent years developing software comprehensive tools to track online marketing results so you can easily identify the productivity of your website with us. Simply put, our technology will track all visitor movement on your site. We leverage the data collected and display hard data detailing what is working so you can determine what must be improved.

eMarketTeam Tracks & Delivers Results, such as:

  • View Charted Statistics About Your Website Traffic
  • Access Your Customer Database
  • Measure Email Newsletter & Mobile Subscribers
  • View Search Phrases & Keywords People Use To Find Your Site On Google
  • View Your Online Sales & Shopping Cart Performance
  • Track Leads, Contacts, and Requests
  • .. and much much more!

Businesses understand how important it is to track results to see if something is actually working and this is where most websites really fail.. they don't know if people are even looking at it. Our platform tracks your customers, visitors, mobile subscribers and email campaigns, and we want to show you the results in vivid charts and reports. We challenge you to try to our service for 6 months and measure new customer growth and increase in sales to your company. Use our mobile marketing signup cards to collect your current customers information to build an online database. This database will be used to send them mobile and email newsletters, request referrals, and even dig deeper into social marketing. Best of all you will be able to see every visitor to your website because of our reporting and have a true understanding of how well your website is performing.

We Will Win Your Loyalty By Bringing You Results You Can Measure

Most business owners know that having a website is a value to their customers. However, very few have a way to measure this value. The majority of websites offer tracking and visitor statistics in the form of web logs or sophisticated traffic programs that clients find unreadable.

We simplify this process by providing the stats that are most relevant to your industry for a quick review. This ensures you understand how your website directly affects customer communication and end of the day profit.

You will have the ability to see how many customers have visited the website, how often, and what they do on the site. You can track readership of your special offers, see internet printed coupons walk in the door, and watch your online subscribers and friends grow.

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